Product Review: Gaerne GP1 boots (£249.99)

What’s good about the Gaerne GP1 boots?

These are some of the comfiest boots I’ve worn straight out of the box. They’re not too stiff and required little bedding in. Despite the fact they’re race boots they’re actually quite warm. I’ve been wearing them in February in single-figure temperatures and my feet have stayed warm. When temperatures were higher last summer the breathable antibacterial lining stopped my feet sweating as well. The boots allow my foot to move naturally for walking and riding while limiting movement to prevent hyper-extension of my ankles. There’s a good range of movement and it makes the boots feel very secure. The velcro closure on the inside of the boots feels very strong.

And what’s not?

There’s not enough adjustability at the top of the boot for my skinny calves, which means there’s always a gap between the boots and my legs, even when I wear them over leathers. The adjuster itself also feels cheap and isn’t that reliable. The boots are meant to be worn over leathers, but when I wear them under jeans the rubber tops of the boots rub against my leg and pull the hairs out. On longer rides in jeans I put gaffer tape over the rubber bits. The metal plates on the heels clip on the ground when I walk, making me sound like a crap tap dancer.

Time tested

Five months/3500 miles


Quality rating


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