Held waterproof overboots review (£29.99)

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What’s good about the Held waterproof overboots?

It’s summer, so you’re wearing summer boots – vented ones, I’d guess, perhaps a tad racy and certainly without a waterproof membrane. Then it rains and your feet get miserably wet. If you’re on tour your boots remain damp for a couple of days and the holiday is mainly remembered for trenchfoot. Unless, that is, you have a pair of these. These waterproof overboots fold up to the size of a pair of gloves and sit reassuringly in your luggage until the heavens open. Then you slip them over your boots and ride off smugly. The bonus is that they are generously cut and, unlike the old-style rubber overboots, go on easily.

And what’s not?

They aren’t pleasant to walk in and are susceptible to tears if you try to do anything other than ride in them. For me, though, they are an essential.

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By Tim Thompson

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