Product Review: Held Air N Dry gloves (£159.99)

What’s good about the Held Air N Dry?

Versatility is the strongest asset of the Air N Dry gloves, which have two chambers to suit different climates. There’s a Gore-Tex divider between the two chambers, which can either sit between your palm and the glove’s leather outer, keeping you dry and warm, or it can sit between the back of your hand and the outer, letting air circulate to your palms. It’s an ingenious concept that works well and means you don’t need to carry two pairs of gloves on a riding tour. Held also have assistance for riders with shorter or longer fingers in relation to the size of their hand. By special order you can have gloves with the finger length from the next size up, or down. I went for a size smaller to avoid the fingertip-overhang that I sometimes get with Held gloves.

And what’s not?

On really hot days, the extra thickness on the back of the hand makes mitts too warm, but raising the fingers to let air through the vents relieves that. And when worn with the Gore-Tex protecting palms, they are marginally thicker than a pair of ‘full-time’ Gore-Tex gloves, but it is marginal. The versatility of a do-it-all glove outweighs these issues.

Time tested

Four months/1500 miles


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