X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon helmet review (£379.99)

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What’s good about the X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon helmet?

This is a great looking, beautifully built, lightweight, good value racing-specification crash helmet. It’s built from carbon-fibre and has fast become an absolute favourite of mine. The venting is incredibly effective, it’s supremely comfortable, and the three shell sizing options ensured I have found a perfect fit. The aperture is wide enough to see out of well and the lid remains stable at motorway speeds; even when riding naked bikes. And best of all, it’s got a spoiler on the back. What’s more cool than a spoiler on a crash helmet? The green lining is removable and is claimed to be a carbon-activated material to aid cooling and the visor is equipped with a Pinlock anti-mist insert. There’s a very useful visor-mounted tab which allows the visor to stay open a little way, which is good at lower speeds and around town.

And what’s not?

I have thought hard about negatives with this crash helmet and so far can’t think of anything.

Time tested

Three months/1200 miles



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Value rating



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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter