Product review: Knox Cold Killers mens sport top

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Knox Cold Killers mens sport top, £54.99
Miles covered/time:
500/two months

What's good: It’s lovely and snug and surprisingly, for something so thin, warm. The arms and front are both windproof and keep your torso nice and warm during cold rides.

The entire garment is lined with a fleece material that feels soft on the skin and doesn’t irritate like some base layers can. The elasticated cuffs stop any wind getting up your arms.

Try to put it on as late as possible – it does its job so well I’ve often started getting a bit of a sweat on by the time I’m kitted up and have got the bike out and ready.

It’s not just useful for bike riding, but also cycling, running and anything else where you’re out in the cold – even standing on the terraces at Tuesday evening football matches in the dead of winter.

What's not: Thumb loops or something similar on the ends of the arms would help stop them riding up under your jacket, leaving your wrists slightly exposed to wind chill.

The lack of windproof material on the back means your back can get a bit chilly if you can’t find or forget to wear your neck warmer. Make sure you wash it as it can get a bit smelly.

Rating: 4/5

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