Product Review: Astars Duly Sound Disk beanie

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Astars Duly Sound Disk beanie: £34.99

Time used: Nine months

What’s good? Music in a hat? Whatever will they think of next? This is brilliant piece of kit, which is basically a knitted beanie hat with a pair of slim-line speakers fitted neatly inside. Plug it into your iPod etc and you can spend hours in your garage listening to your tunes, working on your bike with a warm head and without annoying anyone with your taste in music. There’s a built-in microphone on the cable, which you can use with an iPhone or Blackberry, too. I also use it for running and on aircraft when you’re not supposed to have your earphones in for take-off and landing…

What’s not? It’s too hot to wear them in summer, but I’ve removed the speakers and put them in a headband, making me look like Jane Fonda when I’m out for a run.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 5/5


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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

MCN Chief Road Tester, club racer, airmiles millionaire.