What's good and what's not about Richa's Falcon jacket?

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Time tested: One month/1700 miles

What’s good? A great jacket on a budget. The red and white design offers a good level of visibility without being too extreme and there is enough neutral black for it to complement most bikes. The jacket is snug without feeling too tight and the removable lining makes it versatile. The pocket on the inside also lives up to Richa’s waterproofing claims.

I like to store my mobile phone inside and even in heavy rain no water has got to it. A soft neoprene finish around the collar and cuffs mean there is no friction between rider and jacket when on the move. This is especially handy on my daily stints along the A1, where I’m constantly looking over my shoulder when switching lanes.

What’s not? The Velcro strap on the collar sometimes comes undone on the move and flaps around in the breeze. 

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Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

Senior Writer (motorcycling), sportsbike nut, currently riding a FireBlade