Wayne Rainey. His Own Story

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Wayne Rainey. His Own Story, £9.99
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What’s good: Written by MotoGP journo Michael Scott, Rainey’s autobiography was first published back in 1997, but reproduced last year with additional material to bring it up to date.

I was always a big Rainey fan – he was one of the original ‘aliens’ along with Schwantz, Gardner, Doohan and Lawson. I was disappointed I never bothered to read the book back then, so I’m pleased I got a second chance with this re-release.

Rainey’s success came from the brutal world of American flat track racing where he served his apprenticeship. With the amount of riding he did sideways as a kid he was always going to succeed riding a 500cc GP bike. The European riders never really stood a chance of such consistent success.

I really enjoyed reading about his rivalry with Schwantz and his relationship with Yamaha and Kenny Roberts. Of course, the book deals heavily with his tragic accident at Misano in 1993 (where he became paralysed from the chest down) and the after-effects, which he continues to deal with to this day.

What’s not: There are some strange Americanisms in the way the book is written and sometimes it can be a bit heavy going, but otherwise it’s brilliant.

Contact: www.haynes.com.

Rating: 5/5

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