Oxford RT60 roll bag

Oxford RT60 roll bag, £89.99

Miles covered/time: 1500/two months

What's good: With a 60-litre capacity this roll bag will swallow most things you care to chuck in it. I recently went to Germany for a week and crammed in all my clothes, toiletries, footwear and a spare bike jacket in with room to spare. There are also smaller pockets on the sides and one on the top for smaller items that you may need to get to in a hurry. The inner bag is waterproof and lives up to the claim so far. Four bungees are all that’s needed to secure it to the back of the bike and although it wobbles a little it won’t go anywhere.

What's not: It would be nice if the material on the underside of the bag was a little grippier, just for peace of mind. Also if the underside of the bag was reinforced with something slightly stiff it would help keep it more level with badly placed bungees.

Contact: www.oxprod.com

Rating: 4/5

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