Product Review: ABUS Granit Extreme Plus 59

ABUS Granit Extreme Plus 59, £231.99

Time tested: Two months

What’s good? After a recent garage break-in I quickly realised my security measures needed to be beefed up. So I decided to go for one of the best chains on the market by following my MCN colleagues’ recommendations. The Granit Extreme Plus 59 popped up one too many times to be ignored. It’s not as heavy as other chains I considered, weighing in at 4.7kg (for the 140cm chain) and I don’t mind lugging it about. The locking mechanism itself is covered in a protective sheaf, a feature I really like as there is no faffing around with padlocks and it is far less time consuming than a traditional padlock. The chain, lock body and locking mechanism are all made from hardened steel, which Abus claim offers the highest protection against picking and also has more than one million key variations. I have seen no sign of rust despite using it constantly on soggy ground. It looks and feels like a high-quality product and Abus rate it at level 25, their maximum security rating. 

What’s not?  At £231.99 the price is high, but your feeling about this depends on how much you value your bike. The purpose of a chain and lock is two-fold: to stop a thief from wheeling your bike away and to act as a psychological deterrent. Abus is a very well-known brand and as with most things, you tend to get what you pay for.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5

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