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Product Review: Shift-It visor wipes

Shift-It visor wipes, 69p for two

Time tested: 1200 miles/1 month

What’s good? Shift-It visor wipes should be the ultimate in visor cleaning convenience. Two low-cost, pocket sized, individually wrapped, disposable wet wipes ready to whip out at a moment’s notice. These wipes are especially handy when you’re touring and need to clear your visor halfway through the day. The postcard-sized wipes are made from a robust material and the cleaning fluid is powerful enough to remove all traces of previously airborne detritus in less than a minute. Once you’re visor is squeaky clean  there’s usually enough moisture left to clean off your headlamp too. 

What’s not? After the flies have been removed from the visor you’re left with a streaky surface finish that needs to be buffed off with a cloth. If you’re going to carry around a cloth then you might as well carry a small bottle of the excellent Shift-It cleaner and forget the wipes altogether. Alternatively, water and paper towels are available in the majority of petrol stations across the world, and they’re free!


Quality rating: 2/5

Value rating: 2/5