Product Review: Oxford Boss Alarm disc lock

Oxford Boss Alarm disc lock, £74.99

Time tested: Five months

What’s good?  Bright, chunky and clearly marked as alarmed, this ticks all the boxes as a visible deterrent for thieves, and with its big 14mm shackle, it’s not going to be removed in a hurry without some pretty hardcore tools. It’s got a built-in alarm that’s easy to activate – just line up the red arrows on the shackle and lock, or turn it around to deactivate – and the whole package feels solid. It comes with a free minder cable, spare key, and code to order replacement keys, which is potentially useful when you’re as forgetful as me!

What’s not? The claimed 100dB alarm isn’t very loud – I’m never sure if it would be enough to wake me if it sounded in the night, let alone be loud enough for someone to call the police! It’s also quite sensitive – I’ve had to leave it switched off recently as high winds were causing it to activate as it swung.

Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5