Product Review: Oxford Aquatex bike cover

Oxford Aquatex bike cover, £25


Time tested: Eight years at least

What’s good? I use this outdoor cover when my own 1998 Honda CBR600F-W is stored in my garage during the times when I have use of MCN test bikes and despite being over-engineered for the job of covering a bike parked indoors, I like the extra protection my bike gets from accidental damage. When my two young children are dumping BMX bikes, scooters and all manner of other gubbins near the bike this cover keeps it safe from scratches and scuffs. It fits nicely, tucks in tightly and thanks to the lock cut-outs I can hold it in place with chains front and back and still attach the bike to a ground anchor. The Aquatex has now been superseded by a higher specification version at similar prices and for £25 it offers brilliant protection.

What’s not? I have broken the belly strap clip by standing on it but that was my fault rather than a defect in the material. The thickness of the material means it won’t fold up small when not being used.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5

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