Product Review: Ermax nose screen for Honda CB650F

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Ermax nose screen for Honda CB650F, £75.90

Time tested: One month/1500 miles

What's good? After fitting this to my Honda CB650F long-term test bike it’s provided massive relief on long stretches on the motorway, where the Ermax screen deflects wind up and over my head so there’s no more neck wobble. I recently undertook a near 1000-mile trip over four days, travelling on a variety of roads including some stretches of motorway and got home without any aches in my neck or shoulders.

What's not? The fixings are a little unsightly, with the screen basically attaching to the top yoke with two arms, which looks a bit crude. It’s fiddly to assemble the screen with the mounting arms, but it’s easy to fit once that’s done.


Value: 4/5
Quality: 4/5

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Al Silcox

By Al Silcox