Top 5 motorcycle crash protectors

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Specifically designed to protect your bodywork and engine in the event your bikes ends up on its side, here are five sturdy examples from the MCN Shop to prevent tears and oil being shed.

R&G Oversized Cotton ReelsR&G Oversized Cotton Reels

R&G Racing cotton reels are large paddock stand bobbins which fasten into the paddock stand holes in your swingarm. They compromise the dual purpose of protecting your swingarm while also enabling the motorcycle to be lifted on a rear stand.



R&G Fork ProtectorsR&G Racing Fork Protectors

Adapted from off-road technology, R&G Racing's range of fork protectors can be fitted easily and without skinned knuckles. They will not only save you money by helping to protect expensive fork legs and callipers in the event of a spill, but they will also give you that authentic factory look!



R&G Crash ProtectorAero Crash Protectors

Aero Bobbins are not only stylish and aerodynamic but also tear-drop shaped to enhance the original fetching looks of the previously popular standard round bobbins. Supplied with a removable end cap which masks the fittings, this sleek new design looks superb and is a winner on road or track.



Gilles Crash ProtectorGilles Crash Protectors

Gilles present their pioneering (and patented) new Crash Protection system with an inbuilt "Damper" on the slider, which absorbs some of the early impact and averts the transfer of shock energy into the mounts – reducing the risk of broken frame lugs and other key mounting points. It could save your bike.



LHS Engine Case SliderLHS Engine Case Slider

R&G Racing engine case sliders slip precisely and effortlessly onto the existing engine case, providing additional protection in the event of a drop or impact with the road.


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