Go-anywhere Garmins: Montana 700 series launched complete with SOS feature

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Riding a motorcycle along a rugged trail just got a little safer, thanks to a new all-terrain sat-nav system from Garmin, complete with emergency SOS functionality.

Consisting of three navigation units – the 700, 700i and 750i – the Montana 700 series promises US military-grade strength and over 18 hours of usage between charges in GPS mode. The more expensive i models have the ability to link up with mobile phones and fellow Garmin users via a satellite network. They can send email too.

Both the Montana 750i and 700i also come equipped with the interactive SOS emergency feature, which can relay a signal of distress at any time of day to a GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre – who will alert the authorities as well as keep you and your loved ones informed on progress. 

What’s more, all of the touch-screen devices are water resistant and small enough to be used handheld, should you want to ditch the bike for a while. To capture your adventures, the 750i also features an 8.0-megapixel camera.

Prices start at £529.99 for the 700 and stretch to £699.99 for the 750i, which arrives later than the other units, around autumn. The 700 and 700i are available now. A selection of monthly and annual satellite subscription plans are also available for the 750i and 700i in order to access the Garmin inReach app, which is required for two-way messaging between devices, location tracking, weather updates and SOS alerts. Plans start from £14.99 a month and scale up depending on the features you’d like. 

Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

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